The Case of the Missing Death Certificate


Below I have posted a copy of the formal announcement of Sathya Sai Baba’s death. It was published widely in India on the very day of his demise, April 24, 2011. To my knowledge, it is the only official document issued by the Sathya Sai Baba Organisation announcing the ‘physical leaving of the body’ of their Chairman, Sathya Sai Baba. It also is the sole source as to the cause of death. The letter bears the signature of Dr. Safaya, the director of the Super Specialty Hospital where Sai Baba was treated and kept on life support during his last weeks on earth. The good doctor has since handed in his resignation.

NDTV, a large Indian Broadcasting Company, put this document up on their website that same day. It elicited the following comment by a trained Indian physician:

Soumitra Mukhopadhyaya NDTV 24-04-2011

(…) As a doctor I should point out that the cause of death mentioned (cardio-respiratory failure) is medico-legally unacceptable. The cause leading to cardio-respiratory failure needs to be clearly mentioned. The international death certificate does not accept cardio-respiratory failure as a valid cause of death (…)

Not producing a death certificate is in strict violation of Andrha Pradesh State regulation, Indian law, and international rule.

For more background information, look here or here, for instance.

10 comments on “The Case of the Missing Death Certificate

  1. robertpriddy says:

    As I suspected and stated from the start – the death of Sathya Sai Baba was covered up. There can be little doubt that, since he had been on massive life support for up to weeks (respirator, dialysis not least), his reported time of death was decided in advance by those involved – both so it should coincide with Easter Sunday (to make the bogus association with Jesus Christ) and to allow the already-scheduled arrangements for the funeral, including travel plans for visiting dignitaries to go ahead as organized.

    My contention is that Sathya Sai Baba, who had multiple organ failure after having lost weight until he weighed only 28 kilos, most likely died as a result of AIDS. A former student, who claimed to have been sexually abused by him, contacted me and told that Sai Baba had been very angry with one of his sex partner students who had contracted HIV and had not told him.


    The student wished to remain anonymous because of the threat to his life – after the murders by police while he stood by and his brother Janakiramiah and high officials in the Sai Trust and ashram negotiated with the police on what they should do. That students still in India wish to remain anonymous is wise is now being validated in the Sydney High Court, where an assassination attempt hit man is under trial, a man who claims he and another were paid $75,000- to eliminate this person. More on this matter will appear shortly on exposé.

  2. […] How did he actually die? Ah! That is the multi-crore rupee question. The medical report states Cardio-respiratory failure. Now that is very neutral medical terminology, but what caused this breathing and heart failure? This happens if one is taken off vital life support. So did he jump or was he pushed? Your guess is as good as mine… Those who really know will be tighter than clams if it was a deliberate act by those in charge. If he jumped, then it fitted in extremely well with all the massive planning of the authorities for a big screen send-off, new helicopter pads for VIPs all preparing to descend just today! A miracle of timing from Vishnu Baba, reclining on his serpent bed on the sea of milk? If there is any body one cannot trust in India (rhetorical) then it is certainly the Sathya Sai Central Trust and their minions! See the certificate issued by Dr. Safaya here (The Case of the Missing Death Certificate)  […]

  3. […] academic, Chris Dokter, posted this information on his website ‘Mind Your Mind’ under ‘The Case of the Missing Death Certificate’. Sathya Sai Baba’s death was announced on April 24, 2011. The certificate above was published […]

  4. dr jajoo says:

    satya saibaba died with AIDS!!!!
    weight loss and multi organs failure is NOTHING but the final stage of AIDS.
    as it is we all know he was gay and always had history of playing with young boys/sleeping with them in his bed rooms.
    he was a fake/cheat/fraudster!!!
    all his predictions are nothing but fake.
    self claimed so called GOD MAN,died on life supporting machine??
    doesnt that tell you anything???

    • chrisdokter says:

      Dear Dr. Jajoo. It seems very upsetting to you, this whole matter, which I understand. And, yes, you may be right, but then, you may not be with your contention he suffered from AIDS. Multi organ failure can be caused by a number of other underlying illnesses besides AIDS. The whole point I was trying to make is this: we cannot know the real cause of death, due to all the secrecy prior and around his demise, because of a non-valid death certificate and the absence of any information regarding a possible post mortem (report).This kind of disinformation leads to nonaccountability. and is in my view one of the central tenets of the SSB Organisation, SB included.

  5. chandjai says:

    No one of the general public knows how Sai Baba died, as you, Chris Dokter, say, due to all the secrecy prior and around his demise, because of a non-valid death certificate and the absence of any information regarding a possible post mortem (report). A year and 2 months has passed since Sai Baba died and his death is still a mystery. I think the ‘Trust-people’ must have looted the money and gold. Sathya Sai’s brother is also silent. One of the great mistakes a sanyasin can make is to build wealth in a Trust and finally someone takes it away after his death. This is what happened to him.

    • chrisdokter says:

      Dear Chandjai,

      Thank you for commenting. I have a question though… Do I understand you correctly that you consider Sathya Sai Baba to have been a genuine saint? Or do you refer to his brother? If you think that the late Sai Baba was a sanyasin, I beg to differ. If you read my other posts, that will be clear to you in an instant.

  6. […] stated earlier by me in my post The Case of The Missing Death Certificate , the only publicly available medical information as to the cause of death of Sathya Sai Baba was […]

  7. […] legally invalid ‘death certificate’ was issued by Dr. Safaya here (The Case of the Missing Death Certificate)  after which A Dr. Safaya resigned his post due referring to undue pressures that had been put upon […]

  8. […] academic, Chris Dokter, posted this information on his website ‘Mind Your Mind’ under The Case of the Missing Death Certificate. The certificate above was published widely in India on 24/4/2011. The Indian media company NDTV […]

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